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04. Re-sanctification | Vector Illustration | Adobe Illustrator

Project type

Vector Illustration


February 2023


Raleigh, NC

Experience the mesmerizing world of "Resanctification," a captivating vector illustration meticulously crafted by Cory Ecker using Adobe Illustrator. Immerse yourself in a realm where the boundaries of reality and fantasy intertwine, where ancient symbols and mystical elements come to life in vibrant colors and intricate details. Witness the process of transformation and rebirth as the concept of sanctity is reimagined and given new life. Let your imagination wander as you explore the layers of symbolism and hidden meanings embedded within this captivating artwork. Join us on this artistic journey as we delve into the depths of "Resanctification" and embrace the power of visual storytelling.

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  • Behance | Cory Ecker Creative Digital Designer Portfolio Raleigh, NC
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