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Black Star Rising | Digital Comic Illustration | Procreate

Project type

Digital Comic Illustration


December 2022


Raleigh, NC

"Black Star Rising" unveils an extraordinary digital comic illustration created by Cory Ecker using Procreate. Enter a realm where the line between man and machine blurs, as a captivating character with a mechanical smoking engine arm emerges. Clutching a peculiar crystal necklace, they navigate a landscape adorned with a field of swords and a tree trunk from which a dark star explosively emanates. It's a scene that evokes both curiosity and concern, beckoning viewers to delve into the enigmatic narrative within. Immerse yourself in the captivating visuals and let your imagination soar as you unravel the mysteries of "Black Star Rising."

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  • Behance | Cory Ecker Creative Digital Designer Portfolio Raleigh, NC
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