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The Fracturing | Narrative Illustration | Adobe Photoshop

Project type

Digital Illustration


May 2023


New York City

Step into a world of wonder and mystery with "The Fracturing," an extraordinary illustration by Cory Ecker. Delve into the depths of imagination as you witness a captivating scene unfold before your eyes. In this artwork, a young child harnesses the power of a mystical crystal to break open a gateway in the universe, right in the heart of a serene woodland. Marvel at the intricate details and mesmerizing colors that bring this scene to life, expertly crafted by Cory's artistic prowess. "The Fracturing" invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where the boundaries of reality and fantasy intertwine. Join us in experiencing the magic and intrigue of this captivating illustration, where a single act can fracture the very fabric of the universe itself.

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  • Behance | Cory Ecker Creative Digital Designer Portfolio Raleigh, NC
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