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The Kids In This Town | Character Designs | Adobe Photoshop

Project type

Character Design


September 2017


Sarasota, FL

"The Kids In This Town" presents evocative character designs by Cory Ecker using Adobe Photoshop. Dive into the world of these melancholic and angsty youngsters who bear the marks of life's trials. With a touch of rawness and vulnerability, these character designs depict a group of children who have experienced hardships and carry visible scars. Their expressions reflect a deep well of emotions, capturing the essence of their complex inner worlds. Through intricate details and thoughtful portrayals, these designs invite empathy and connection, shedding light on the profound human experiences of pain, resilience, and the search for solace. Step into the shoes of these "sad kids" and explore the depths of their stories, as they navigate the challenges of growing up in a tumultuous world. Witness the power of art to evoke emotions and foster understanding. Immerse yourself in the poignant narrative of "The Kids In This Town" and embrace the beauty of vulnerability and resilience in the face of adversity.

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