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In the twilight's gentle embrace,

Where shadows dance and dreams take flight,

There glimmers a celestial grace,

In the dance of fireflies, oh so bright.


To those who pause and dare to see,

Beyond the veil of earthly plight,

There lies a truth, wild and free,

In the flicker of each firefly's light.


For they are messengers of the night,

Whispering secrets to those who might,

Listen with hearts open wide,

To the magic that in darkness hides.


To the dreamers and the wanderers,

To the seekers of the hidden sight,

The fireflies call, like distant stirrers,

Guiding souls to the realms of light.


So let us follow, hand in hand,

To where the fireflies gently land,

And in their glow, may we find,

The essence of the eternal mind.


For in their dance, we are reminded,

Of the infinite that dwells inside,

And in their light, we are guided,

To the truth where all souls abide.


To the light we journey, evermore,

In the dance of fireflies, we adore,

For in their flicker, we find our way,

To the dawn of a brand new day.


Uplift any room's decor with art that's printed on top-quality canvas gallery wraps. Each wrap is made with finely textured, artist-grade cotton substrate which helps reproduce your image in outstanding clarity and detail. Available in multiple sizes, these closed back canvases are built with a patented, solid support face and are excellent for indoor use.

.: Made with 100% cotton fabric, the perfect medium for printing highly-detailed and vibrant artwork.
.: Each canvas features 0.0135 inch (13.5 mil) thick fabric that weighs 400gsm making it a highly durable option for great prints that look gorgeous on the long run.
.: The closed MDF backing adds an extra layer of protection to all your prints.
.: NB! For indoor use only

To The Light - Canvas Gallery Wraps

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